In the beginning…


So here I am to pass on all my wisdom on being a parent, guess it will be a short blog. Like many, I do not have much of a clue about parenting, we both pretty much wing it. So here goes…..So our lovely little Riley came into the world a day before my partners 30th birthday….Happy birthday Dev :). It wasn’t the easiest birth, but that is for another day. Children were something I never considered until I hit my late 30s and realised time was tick tocking away. So we finally decided and try and then there she was. She came out with so much hair, and no I didn’t have heartburn. Apparently if your child comes out with hair then you are meant to have heartburn…old wives tale that didn’t apply to me. She was such a great baby, didn’t cry too much, slept through the night and just never seemed to complain. Fast forward 10 months and then that all changed, a phase I said, it will pass I said….it didn’t! Fast forward to today and she is now 17 months old and crazy as fook. (Few pics from the day she was born to current dayish)







You ever think that there is something mentally wrong with your child?? Due to my serious lack of experience with children I worried that her behaviour wasn’t the norm, screeching, screaming and shouting all day while running into an inanimate objects that got in her way….apparently this is normal behaviour. So life now consists of trying to find new ways to entertain her and general try and figure out what she needs and when she needs it. So as she has grown, so has the craziness and the decimal level is off the chart…my ears are bleeding some days…and the mess, oh dear lord the constant mess…it drives me nuts!

Sooooooo, I am hoping that documenting my day to day life while be therapeutic. Having a kid changes you. I don’t mean from, how amazing it is to have a child point of view, more from the, I love my child but sometimes I can’t believe I sit here day in and day out watching Peppa Pig and Ben & Holly while reading the same book over and over again…I wouldn’t change it, well maybe a bit for like an hour a day, but she is pretty cool and worth it. I guess just sometimes us mum and dads need an outlet and I guess this is mine. Some days you may not speak to anyone but your child all day, can be tough. I guess I just want to be able to say things and not feel bad or guilty for saying them, having certain thoughts doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person. Anyway enough of me banging on, I’m off to watch 30 Rock 🙂 Stay turned, there’s more to come!


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