Poopin in the bath

On Sunday we were all driving to my soon to be in-laws house and discussing our wedding plans, out of the blue my partner asks the question that all women want to hear when discussing your wedding day. ‘Do you think if Riley didn’t have a nappy on her poop would be the same shape as a normal poo’? Now I know what you are thinking, romance isn’t dead…As tempted as I was to ask him to pull over so I could have my wicked way with him with such electrifying pillow talk, the kinda talk that made me realise he was the one for me and I wanted to marry him, I held back.  I told him I’d never thought about it and the subject just changed.  Anyway, move onto bath time on Monday evening. Dev always gives Riley her bath, it is his way of getting in some daddy and daughter time as he has been at work all day.  While I can hear the splish splash of the water and the chuckles coming from Riley as Dev makes silly noises, it all suddenly changed. No longer do I hear the delightful giggle from Riley, but an unbelievable cry, the ‘hurt myself cry’, followed by the cries from Dev ‘oh nooooooo’…what could have possibly happened…I run up the stairs to find Riley crying with a huge poop hanging from her butt that then proceeded to fall into the tub, I then fished it out without thinking.  So I asked Dev why is she so hysterical, to which he explained that the way he said ‘oh nooooo’ caused her alarm and hence the cries of a banshee wailing through the house. Realising that all is ok and she is not harmed, just a little shocked, Dev turns to me and says….’well at least that answers the question about the shape of the poop if not done in her nappy’…yes it was indeed a ‘normal poo’.


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