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Riley Loves Cheese


The Baby-led Weaning book is a great for baby food. Here are a few suggestions for any parent who like me didn’t quite know what to do with a fussy eater. When I say it is good for a baby, it is also good for adults. I have been making various recipes from this book only to find Dev eating it all up. When making an actual meal from it, it does given portions for both adults and children so is very economical. The main ones Riley loves are full of cheese and due to her extremely fussy eating habits, I’m going with anything she’ll put in her mouth at this stage. Straight forward ingredients, that is suitable for the freezer. All recipes are very quick to make and all vegetarian. Your waistline would not probably like these recipes but as Dev never puts on weight he gets to eat them guilt free. Me on the other hand, I put on weight by just discussing them. Really can’t recommend this book enough.

Savoury Flapjacks

These are amazing and loaded with cheese, 350 grams to be exact. If you leave them in long enough you get a nice soft centre with crispy cheese around the edges. Great snack for on the go or to bring to work. Riley also likes them so a bonus for a fussy eater. The recipe provides mulitple flapkjacks depending on how greedy you are when deciding what size to cut them down to. At the start they were quite big slices, but due to them being so filling I cut them down. Makes your buck go further.



Cheese and Spinach Muffins

These are a great snack with a cup of tea/coffee or just on the go. The also have onion and some cayenne pepper to give them a kick. Dev loves them as a snack in his lunchbox for work and being a Purdon, he loves the spice. Riley as fussy as she is also loves these and the spice, she definitetly takes after her daddy and his family who are spice maniacs.




Mac n Cheese

In all fairness what’s not to love about mac n cheese.  It’s great for a no fuss, quick easy meal. Batch cook this and then there is always a supply in the freezer. Despite Riley’s fussy habits, she loves this dish, she can’t get enough and it is so nice to see. It is a big hit with all the family and again, a nice amount of cheesy goodness.


Book below should you want it to do the food suggestions above.


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