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The Fussy Eater


Karma has come back to bite me in the ass big time when it comes to Riley and her eating habits. As a child growing up I was the fussiest eater ever, every meal was a nightmare for my mother. I couldn’t eat anything without dissecting it first to make sure there wasn’t anything foreign in it. When I say foreign I mean foods such as tomato, onions, broccoli and other exotic foods. My meals became a game to me, how was I going to get rid of all the food on my plate without actually eating it. I even remember sitting at the dinner table for two hours as my dad said I couldn’t leave until I ate it all. As there was someone in the room and I sat and ate every pea one by one in defiance.

I had some pretty disgusting habits as a child. To say I was fussy, it didn’t stop me chewing on the other end of a marrowbone while our German Sheperd, Kaiser, would chew the other end…eeeewww. But you couldn’t get me to eat a tomato because of how disgusting I thought they were. When eating I would usually push my food onto my brothers plate and he would then have to finish my portion when my mother saw his plate full. When my brother wasn’t an option there was only one logical thing to do, find a new home for my cooked food. Now being a creative soul I managed to find plenty of places to hide my uneaten food. Now most people would assume the bin, god no, not me. In our kitchen you were afraid to open a drawer for what you might find. It didn’t stop there, due to having animals in the house my mum kept a mop and bucket at hand to clean up any accidents. Unfortunately for mum the mop bucket was not always clean, a sausage here, a potato there. That’s right…this had become one of my dumping grounds. You’d think it would end there, but no….in our kitchen we also had a washing machine and the common fridge..ah another hiding ground. I would dread the day my mum decided to do a big clean. As she pulled these away from the wall, all my sins fell to the ground, weeks of uneaten cooked food.  As she questions me on where the food came from, I would of course deny any knowledge of the rotten food…after all I ate all my food…that’s what I told her. My mum asked me one day when I could hide my secret no more, why did I not feed it to the dogs, after all hide the evidence. Apparently I told her because I was afraid the dogs would tell her…She told me they could talk and being a mug I believed her.

So now dealing with Riley who shy’s away from most food except snacks, cheesy goodness and fish fingers, I feel as if I am getting my just desserts. I guess going forward I will just make an effort to clean behind everything in the kitchen on a regular basis.


2 thoughts on “The Fussy Eater

  1. For my eldest son I had to have a big plastic mat around the high chair. As most food would end up on the floor. The bowl always ended up on the top of his head. Each day he would need a hose down. Now in later years who is the skinniest out of the three boys ……yep it’s him. He loves food and cooks but knows when his belly is full 🙂

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