The Children’s Programme


When becoming a parent or any form of child minder you unfortunately get introduced to children’s TV. Now I believe this is entirely my own fault. When pregnant, we were full of ideas about how we would raise our child, that all changed once she came along. When Riley came along, for the first ten months she was a delight, slept through the night, never really cried, just sat there happy in herself. When that changed I found myself trying find a way to get myself a few minutes peace…enter the television. Now I swore Peppa Pig would never enter our home, other parents laughed at my ignorance while I stood firm in my belief that this would never rear its ugly head on our TV. As Riley continued to become more of a handful and I needed five minutes peace, I thought, why not, just an episode I said, just one I said….yeah that didn’t quite go to plan. Now she bloody loves that psycho pig. Seriously, now this next part actually shows what a bad parent I am, but also shows what I will do for a bit of peace and be able to make the dinner. I let her watch it, despite the fact that Peppa is nothing but a little bitch, she’s so horrible. With a statement from her such as ‘you are not going to be any good because I can’t do it’…when she hangs up on her friend because she can whistle and Peppa can’t…when she wins bike races that she blatantly didn’t, she just decides when the end is. All she does is demonstrate how to be a little spoilt piggy. I keep saying that I’ll stop letting her watch it, but not yet, things need to be done in the house.

The worst thing about all of this, you find yourself then becoming interested in the stories. Dev became excited because he managed to do the woof tweet song in one go. An episode would come on that you hadn’t seen before and you would be happy to watch it, something new, I’d hear Dev utter the words, ‘oooh I haven’t seen this one’ and then take his time to leave the house to see what happens.  I’ve tried to play Disney and Pixar, but she isn’t interested yet. One day she will be, that will be a good day.

#parent #tv #television #peppapig


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