For me personally, breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and as they say, the most important. I tend to like variety and not a fan of cereal, well I love cereal but not for breakfast. My partner isn’t a morning person at all and can only handle a boring bowl of cereal, it just looks so depressing when there are so many tasty alternatives. As a parent or rushing off to work, breakfast can be a chore, but I’d rather get up a little earlier to have a tasty nutritious breakfast. While the cooked ones can take time, throwing some yogurt, fruit, granola and honey into a bowl, takes but a minute. My best friend for a Greek yogurt breakfast is almond butter, you don’t need much, but it makes all the difference. Honey and almond butter are a must for my kitchen at all times. I don’t eat meat so these are vegan or vegetarian, but you can of course replace vegan sausage with the meat kind.

Also I am forever on a diet, one of those unlucky ones that puts on weight while my partner eats a chocolate bar, he eats what he wants…i don’t hate him at all! So these are slimming world friendly, which I do. Personally I think slimming world is a great option as you don’t feel deprived, baby weight all gone and about another stone, need to unload a bit more, so I’m not quite ready to apply for America’s Next Top Model quite yet, so i’ll keep going.