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The Family Pet – Kringle



I wasn’t planning on writing a blog tonight, but feel I should about poor little Kringle.Today my mum lost one of her cats, a cat that barely grew any bigger than a kitten, its name, Kringle. This cat was an abandoned on the side of the road, she took it to the vet, got her all sorted and then kept her and looked after her. Unfortunately a move caused the cat to run away and despite multiple 5 hour round trips back to find her, it just hasn’t happened.  Unfortunately with cats and moving this is a common occurrence.  I know today my mum will be very sad, for anyone who knows her, knows she is crazy for her animals and all animals in general. Growing up she would return home from a trip to the shops with all sorts of animals. We would of course get the usual dogs and cats, there was a duck, various other birds, but I think my all time favourite was when she turned up with a donkey. This was in the 80s in county Leitrim, Ireland. I remember the day and I also remember that she called the police to see what they could do. Anyone who knows county Leitrim in the late 80s, can only imagine the response from the police. Needless to say to she was laughed off the phone. So what did she do, she got the vet up, tidied him up and made sure his next home was a safe one. That’s the type of person she is. We also said she should have been a vet, half the time she knew more than them.

To my mum her animals are her children. It was rather funny growing up and being told that you are sitting in the dog’s seat and almost expected to move. God forbid you sat in the front of the car when the dog was in the back. The dirty looks from that dog would pierce through the back of your head. I think the only person that beats her pets is her grandchild, my little girl Riley. She is a great with her as she is with her pets, they come first before her at every turn. She would defend them to the end as she would me and my brother. I always wish that people were like her towards animals and people, how happy would the world be, 100% cruelty free. So to my mum, you did an amazing job with little Kringle and some things just can’t be helped. Riley sends you a big hug and looks forward to seeing you next time you are over.


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