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Saturday night with Saturday TV, a great time for couch food, enter the burrito. The burrito could be classed as ‘street food’ when eating out. Staying that, if having the wrap I would find a place to sit, as you are guaranteed to spill the juices of the over-packed, tin foiled wrapped burrito all down your top. Wouldn’t recommend a burrito on a first date, unless you are happy to try and slurp up juice streaming down your chin. Also the wrap is extremely filling so keep that tin foil in tact, you wanna be able to wrap that up and bring it home for a tasty late night snack. Do not through it away!

Mexican food in this house is very popular with my partner. I myself do enjoy it, but don’t take advantage of the heat that comes with it. To give you an idea of how I am with herbs and spices, I only ate pepper on my food from about the age of 36, I never even owed salt, I liked my food as plan as can be. Cut to 8 years later and I’m eating (small) amounts of chillies, pepper and all kinds of exotic foods you find with the burrito, such as tomatoes, onions and coriander. Sounds small, but that’s how bad I was.

The great thing about the ingredients of a burrito is you don’t have to eat it one way. It suits meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans, the vegans can even have cheese and sour cream with it due to non dairy options now available. I personally have the vegetarian option, you can put Quorn mince with it, but I don’t feel it needs it, can also try sweet potato in a fajita mix. I personally prefer to make the salsa from scratch, I’m not a fan of shop bought salsa and the freshness and zing of homemade salsa is amazing. You can have it in a wrap, taco or simply as a bowl, don’t forget to add some tortilla chips for that crunch factor. I tend to go for the bowl or taco, may partner loves the wraps,he’s been known to eat three.  This dish is great for multiple guests to add what they want, also great for two as plenty of leftovers for the next day. Overall a tasty cheap and cheerful meal.



The Burrito Bowl


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The Burrito Wrap