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The Fat Lass


The joys of the never ending journey to lose weight, add the fact you had a baby and c-section to the works and it becomes an even more enjoyable ride. Since hitting puberty I had to watch everything I ate, every mouthful, up until then I was a tiny thing. Since then I have always been a bit of a fat lass. I’ve been on every diet there is. When I got pregnant I dreaded how much weight I would put on. I’m one of those unlucky characters who put on weight while someone else is eating a cake in front of you. I suck so much when it comes to weight loss that after weighing myself before I had Riley I was excited to weigh myself after, at least 7lbs would go over night right, did it hell. I weighed myself two days later, still the same. I mean really, I just gave birth and I am not ever down the size of her. I was not impressed. Unfortunately I live with someone who never puts on weight, he eats what he likes, his only form of exercise is clicking a mouse on his pc, yet he never puts on a pound. I on the other had am constantly being careful, exercising and generally torturing myself just to stay a little bit fat. I tend to dislike people a bit who stuff their face and never put on a pound. This fat lass can put on 6 pounds over a weekend and has done it, while others have ate and drank the same and don’t, fair, I bloody think not!

So when I did become pregnant I was very careful for the first 6 months, didn’t want to put on loads and never really had any real cravings, just little things every now and again. As time progressed I couldn’t believe my luck, this fat lass was only putting it on in the front…hand me that bloody chocolate. That’s right 6 months hit and I wanted chocolate, I wanted all the chocolate and god forbid my partner ate any of my stash. I spent years avoiding the chocolate but this was my time, this was my time to shine. I was eating 3 bars a day, I couldn’t get enough of it and I still wasn’t gaining, only in the front, life was good, I was finally one of these aliens that ate what they wanted when they wanted. I must say it was an amazing 3 months, not thinking about what I ate, it’s exhausting thinking about every mouthful, how many calories, how much sugar, how much fat aaaaaaagggggghhhhhhh!!!! F*&k off!! Alas, this in my life.  As I got closer to my due date I knew this was going to end, my Willy Wonka life was about to end as we knew it. So I had her and of course you get a couple of months grace right, I mean I had just had a baby. The love of chocolate continued. It is kind of annoying as pre pregnancy I liked chocolate but had taught myself to say no with ease. To this day it is now another thing I have to resist, without ease.


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After having a baby you realise that it gets to the stage where you can no longer blame the baby, so enter the tiredness. Yes I had a new reason not to get off my fat ass, I was tired. Now my baby slept through the night but that is beside the point, I had a real legitimate reason, no one would dare say a word. So my endless love for chocolate and everything else basically continued. Then it hit, that day you catch that glimpse of yourself, you know the one, the wtf do I look like. Once I finished all the crap in the house, I mean you can’t waste it, I started the boring journey, exercise, watching what I ate, blah blah blah. The fridge and cupboard again became the enemy, I had to fill it with colourful foods, the beige look was out, it’s all about colours when you want to shed a couple of ton. So my ‘journey’, god I hate that phrase, I’m on a journey. Glad to say I have lost all the baby weight and about a stone, need to keep going as it seems to go everywhere but the place you want, yes the tummy. That lovely flap over your c-section scar is a bitch, I’ll get there. When you fit in to clothes that didn’t fit you pre-pregnancy it is worth it, but I do miss it, the chocolate. I sometimes go to the fridge, to look at my partners chocolate, the chocolate looks back, sad, eat me, eat me. Sorry chocolate, not today, triumph, I closed the door and walked away, my pal slimming world would be proud.  This gal will always be a bit of a fat lass even when she loses the weight, forever a fat lass inside fighting the never ending battle.



8 thoughts on “The Fat Lass

  1. I was one of those aliens who was skinny until I got preggers at 34. In my defense I have been a gym rat since the age of 18…..because working out, sweating and taking that hour for myself 3 or 4 times a week, stops me from killing people, And I don’t want to go to jail because you can’t eat microwave popcorn or candy there without whoring yourself out to the guards. My hubs is also the type to eat whatever he wants and never gain weight – f*ckin’ annoying. I seriously bust my @ss at the gym and somehow it gets credited to his eat-whatever-the-f*ck-I-want account. I still haven’t lost the baby weight and my youngest is 12….starting to think it may not happen :). Stay strong.

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  2. I wish I had pregnancy to blame for weight gain lol. I just like wine and chocolate too much! I always envy those with a high metabolism who can eat whatever they want when they want without 10# showing up on the scale the next day. I’m currently trying the ketogenic diet but once a week, I have mexican and margaritas which defeats the purpose of ketosis…ah well, life goes on, and besides, I’m 47…I guess middle-age spread is acceptable even if I do lie and tell everyone I’m 29 LOL! Great post!

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  3. I feel ya. I’ve been on every diet out there since I was 16. Two years since having my first, I’ve managed to lose and gain about 15 of it back…ugh. What I’ve found to be the most helpful (unfortunately) is just exercise. If I commit to exercising daily, I don’t beat myself up over a glass of wine or some chocolate. Being a food blogger that loves all the sweets and could eat pasta every day, there’s definitely a struggle. So just know that you’re not alone!

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