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The Granny Visit




So recently it was that time of year when my mother came to visit. The experience of the mother coming to visit once she became a granny is met with joy, as this can only mean one thing for you….freedom!! You know that she is going to want to spend every minute she can with her grandchild. Hallelujah…..I get to pee without an audience. The Granny being here means you basically have most of the week off from certain parental duties. Granted, you still have the lovely pleasure of dealing with the night feeds and tending to the owies, but you get to do amazing things all week, such as have a shower during the day that lasts longer than two minutes, you get to get dressed in one sitting, you get to have a coffee and finish it, you know, the important things in life. When becoming a parent I don’t think you realise how much your life is actually going to change. You have all these ideas of what it was going to be like, what you are going to do on a daily basis…throw that plan out the window, it ain’t gonna happen…if it does happen, fair play to you.


When becoming a parent it makes you realise how much you can do with one hand and with a little person permanently strapped to your waist. You make the dinner, you clean the house and you sit on the loo, yes I now have gone to the toilet with a child sat on my lap, sometimes with a book in hand insisting to be read to. It just seems so normal now, I almost find it weird when no one is there…it’s like being 18 again in a club and you get your mate to come to the loo with ya, to chat. So having the granny over allows you to do all these things with two hands, I sure know how to live the life. While my mother has been over multiple times, I must say, this week also coincided with a few changes in Riley’s behaviour. Things I luckily have never witnessed before and choose not to witness again, the outdoor tantrum. Now I’m not saying grandma had anything to do with it, but she did become a little bit naughtier than usual, well a lot. I feel as if the manipulation between mummy and granny is already underway, to get what she wants. Putting Riley in her pram or car seat was always an easy task, trying to get her in to either has turned in to a wrestling match, she’s bloody strong for a wee one. Much to Riley’s disgust I won the battle and secured her firmly in, she hates me right now, if she could speak she’d probably say it, but lucky me I have all that to come when she’s older.  I can see out of the corner of my eye, as grandma looks on sympathetically, not towards me, god no, it is towards her little angel.


So as the week progresses I also notice a change in Richard, my dog. He is really laying it on thick with the poor hard done by, no one ever pays me attention puppy dog eyes, while he is 15, around granny he becomes a puppy again. He sits there gruffling away if he doesn’t get 100% attention. Again enter granny, again enter the sympathetic look as my child and dog become more demanding and again, not towards me but towards the dog. It’s like when she turns her back they both have a smirk on their face, thinking they’ve got one over one me. Ya well lap it up you two, she’s going to be gone in a few days, and then it is back to me!



4 thoughts on “The Granny Visit

  1. This made me smile – our son and DIL and 18mth old grandbaby are coming for a visit in a few days – she will be the centre of attention while her parents kick back and enjoy some headspace – and having their meals cooked for them. Everyone wins! Your little girl is gorgeous btw.

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