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The Romantic Baby Free Evening Can Mean Only One Thing


It’s here, the night has finally arrived, baby free romantic evening. So the great thing is my brother Emmett and his girlfriend Lucy every so generously offered to have Riley for the night. After not sleeping for what seemed like an eternity, we both jumped at the offer. Emmett has made it very clear that while he is happy to have Riley he will not be changing any nappies or dealing with the sleeping issues that may arise. He has generously passed those duties on to Lucy. I must admit, I was happy about this, I’d rather her be in charge. So we took Riley over safe in the knowledge that Lucy will be responsible for her welfare. As we drop her off and get ready to give a few notes and tips of how the night will go I am met with a question from Lucy, ‘how do you change a nappy, I’ve never done one before’, Emmett  won’t change one and Lucy never has. I must admit, my instant reaction was, uuuummmmmm, should I leave her here??? Uh hell ya, as long as I get her back in one piece I am not giving up my night of sleep, I don’t care that she has never changed a nappy and Emmett won’t change one. Luckily I got a text saying a successful nappy change had happened. Anyway, so off we popped, worried Riley would have a meltdown once we tried to go, she never even noticed, charming. Great, so the romantic baby free night can begin.

So as we head home, how would this evening go? Let me fill you in. First as a way of teasing each other we had a cup of tea while watching The Graham Norton Show, I even had 2 (light) digestives while Dev ate crisps, it doesn’t end there. After that things really began to heat up, I changed into my sexy pj’s and hoodie with woolly bed socks and watched two documentaries on killer kids while Dev played a car game upstairs, well you gotta have some foreplay, can’t just go straight in to it.

Eventually Dev came back down, hungry, hungry for me maybe, ummm not quite, hungry for nutella on toast. Dev doesn’t just do plain toast, he likes it messy. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any hotter we sat and watched The X Factor, me the whole show and Dev for 20 minutes. He rarely lasts twenty minutes so I felt quite the lucky lady. So as Dev left without even spending a minute to cuddle I opened a very small bottle of wine and started to move on to The Jonathan Ross Show. As family may read this I’ll keep it PG, after Jonathon Ross I may get in to bed and totally 50 Shades of Grey it up, that’s right, I’m gonna put on Netflix, watch some Brooklyn Nine Nine and fall asleep. Just to finish this crazy baby free night off I am going to kick Dev in to the spare room, I get to sleep tonight and aint no one gonna mess that up. Welcome to the life of a toddler free night.


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