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My Little Girl


Lately as my blogs have shown time with Riley has been challenging, therefore I am constantly finding myself focusing on how hard, bad, frustrating and exhausting it is to have her. I realised I needed to change this mindset, lucky for me Riley made that easy. Riley did something the other day that made me realise how amazing she is and how I was beginning to forget that and just focus on the negative.  I try and see the positive in most things so why wasn’t I with my own child.

So what was it that she did that made me have this amazing revelation? It was simply a kiss. My partner Dev was sat down and Riley randomly came up and gave him a kiss, she had never done this before. It was amazing and made him so happy, something so little just completely changed the way I had been thinking and brought me back to how amazing she is and I was missing it by focusing on the bad. Now don’t get me wrong, like most parents I am sure you have these amazing moments and also continue to have the moments of despair, but I think we as parents need these moments to bring us back. That evening Riley was getting ready to go to bed, her dad was holding her and I went up to give her a kiss, as I always do, this time I asked her for one and she gave me one, it was amazing. As my heart was melting I actually jumped up and down at this amazing moment, my little girl had given me her first kiss, and she actually ended up giving me three kisses. This moment led me on to other things she does that are just so amazing. She’s growing so fast and learning so quickly, you name an animal and she makes the noise, she screeches with excitement when her favourite nursery rhyme comes on, I’m expecting her one day to actually shout ‘tuuuune’ when the wheels on the bus plays. She gives us hugs, she laughs, she plays and she runs so fast she almost flies. She does this cute thing, when you try to get her ready in the morning she runs ahead in to her room, lays on her front waiting to be tickled, she giggles why she waits, the anticipation is too much for her, it is so cute.

Why my little girl drives me nuts I also love her more than anything. Like most parents believe, your child is more important than any man or woman could ever be. You partner becomes your second love. Riley will always be my priority, my number one and my real love. Dev fells the same, I’m good with that. I said to Dev, do we show her too much affection, nah, our child is going to have to accept she will be smothered in kisses and hugs and accept she will live a life of embarrassment from her parents.



11 thoughts on “My Little Girl

  1. You have such an adorable and cute daughter. Its good to get upset, tired and negative sometimes. Just make sure sont dwell on it. I love your shots with your daughter. Keep it up. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Your daughter is simply adorable just like you. Between you are a perfect mother and your write-up is a epitome for others. Surely, will be going to share this.

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  3. Isn’t it the best? Just when you think you’re going to ride the train to crazy town or pull out your hair they do something so incredibly sweet and everything is okay in the world again. Hang in there mama, you are not alone!!

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