Due to my love of film my friend Harry and myself have decided to start up a film podcast. We met at university and both studied film, we intended to do something film related but the years just went by and nothing happened, until now.



We will be discussing all things film and open to any suggestions on topics that people would like to hear. It will be a fun and relaxed podcast, we are not academics in the field and we are not sure what we actually remember, lets find out. So would be great for everyone to have a listen once it is released, early November 2017. We are going to have guest speakers, mainly people we know, to fill in the gaps on topics that we may not be familiar with, namely anything gaming related.

You can follow us on facebook under Show Me The Podcast, instagram @showmethepodcast, twitter @smtpcast and you can email us with topic ideas on

Tune in and enjoy 🙂