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The Forgetful Man

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I find myself constantly feeling confused by the actions of my partner. Now as I have recently stated, he is a great guy, great dad, but there are parts of his way of thinking I just do not understand. I know from talking to other females they have similar issues with just every day common sense. It seems to be foreign to some men that life could be so much easier if they just on occasion engaged their brain, say the way they would over football or gaming. Ask a man anything about his passion and he would remember the tiniest detail. Ask your man to put the dirty laundry in the laundry bin rather than on top and this turns into a constant battling of reminders on a daily basis, selective memory. At the beginning I thought my partner was just acting dumb, using the common phrase….it’s just what guys are like…if I hear that phrase again I will scream.

Let me give you an example of a conversation I had with my partner that left me speechless, he was dead serious. I basically do everything around the house, cook, clean, laundry, make him breakfast in bed, a packed lunch for work and dinner in the evening. Now I can imagine some women screaming at their screens as if I’m some sort of lunatic, I actually don’t mind. It was my idea to do breakfast in bed, not to be the oh so loving fiancé, no, it makes my life easier to do the things I do. It moves my day along smoother. To be fair if I ask him he will do it, but I do have to sometimes re-do it. So back to the conversation that for the first time actually shut me up, shut me up good. After the constant reminders and notes asking my partner to do the same thing over and over he finally cracked…don’t keep reminding me, I can do it on my own…OK that is fine, it may come as a huge shock to you but I don’t actually enjoy repeating myself every time something needs done. I stopped, this is great I thought. So one day my partner had something important to do, I never reminded him, I never said a word, I am under strict instructions not to remind him of anything, so I kept it shut. As the day passed and I never even gave it a second thought about his plans, he came to me in a panic because he’d forgotten to do it.

Dev:  ‘why didn’t you remind me?’

Me:  ‘you told me I wasn’t allowed, so I didn’t’,

He replied something so insane that I was catching flies in my mouth it was that wide open’

Dev: ‘I know you are not to remind me of things, but you are supposed to know what I wouldn’t remember to do and remind me’.

So I let it sink in for a bit what he had said, I looked at him

Me: ‘so I am supposed to predict what you will forget and remind you’,

Dev: ‘yes’!

So I looked at him for awhile waiting for that light bulb moment, it came eventually when he realised what he said. Needless to say I am back to reminding him. Now saying all this, one thing I am glad about is this is how serious our arguments get. In the big scheme of things we have it pretty good. I just thought it was a funny sorry of how my man baffles me, constantly, on a daily basis, I just look at him confused about what goes on in his end. Who am I kidding? I know exactly what goes on in his head, gaming. I am a gaming widow, but that is for another day. For now and probably forever he will just continue to be my lovely forgetful man.



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