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The Toddler and the Supermarket


The trip to a supermarket with a toddler is an interesting affair. The trip starts of rather well, a change of view, higher up and giggling as the trolley bounces over the bumps in the road. At the beginning you feel as if you might make it around in one quiet swoop, this has never happened but ever the optimist you feel this time will be different. As you walk in to the supermarket you find yourself bribing your toddler with promises of the park or treats, it doesn’t seem to matter to you that your toddler does not yet understand the concept of bribery. As always when making the trip to the supermarket I always come well prepared, with me I have a bag full of tricks for when the little monster begins to kick off.

As you wander around the fruit and veg your little one is still on a giggle high from the bumps on the road, this keeps a smile on their face and you may just get through the first aisle without incident. As you progress through your toddler begins the task of trying to climb out of the trolley, not aggressively at this stage but you know it is coming. You manage to settle the toddler and continue on your supermarket journey, then the shouting starts. The toddler feels the need to shout at every passerby in a very cute manner, the passersby smile and state how cute your toddler is. This approval from the passersby only increases the loudness of the excited squeals coming from their mouths. As the shouting grows I feel it is time to bring out trick number one, the milk bottle.

The milk seems to do the job, you know you have about 10 minutes of scream free time to whip around. Once the milk runs out you soon realise that the peace is short lived, it begins again. Your child begins to shout and try and climb out of the trolley so you dig deep in your Mary Poppins bag to grab some snacks. You know this is only a slight fix as in between every bite there is an opportunity for a shout.


Just as you have all but one item off your list on the trolley, you then go on search for the same item that causes issues every single visit. It is that one item that is in a place that makes no sense, it should be with its family but it isn’t. It isn’t even put on the shelf, alone, it is left in a box making it even harder to locate. At this stage your toddler has gone in to a full scale meltdown but you know that this ingredient is an important piece to many a recipe. Your bag of tricks has been exhausted, nothing is working, you make a decision to stay and look or leave and realise that the other ingredients in your trolley are no use without this one item. Sorry kid we aren’t leaving. As you go down the various aisles you finally spot the item that gets the better of you every time. F*%k you Fromage Frais, you’ll not get the better of me this time. Why are you never with the cheeses!

Bingo! You have all your items and make a beeline for the checkout, you know this is going to take a miracle to get through without the wails of despair reaching defcon 1. You usually put all fridge items together and make sure the meats don’t mix with the veg, this time you throw those items in the bags not even stopping to worry about the eggs, you just need out. While doing all this and feeling slightly sorry for yourself you spot a fellow mum, this mum is a legend, she is not only unloading her trolley with a baby but doing it while breastfeeding. I offer to help but she’s got this.

Once home you then have the joyous task of unloading the shopping from the car while trying to stop your toddler from running away. Once all items are in the kitchen you turn to see your little one unloading the bags for you, your happy little helper. This sight melts your heart and makes you realise the trip was worth it.



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