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Episode Two – Show Me The Podcast


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Episode two of Show Me the Podcast will be available on iTunes and Soundcloud on December 4th. This episode discusses new Marvel release Thor Ragnarok staring Chris Hemsworth as Thor. If you want to know a bit about what kind of films your co host likes then listen to episode one, which is available on iTunes and Souncloud. Episode two also has a new section, a Flashback Film Club, where the listeners can chose a film, director, actor etc to be discussed. On this weeks episodes we go back to It’s Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings.

As always other episodes are available on soundcloud and iTunes. Don’t forget to leave a review, subscribe and give us 5 stars if the mood takes you and thanks for listening. You can also email us at or follow us on instagram @showmethepodcast , twitter @smtpcast and facebook Show Me The Podcast.

We both also have our own thing going on. Harrie is at Twitter, Instagram and WordPress at “TalesofPeck”. Lorraine is at Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest – “mumswhowingit”.

Enjoy listening!



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