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My Photography


I used to be big in to photography, it seems to have taken a back seat. I really want to get into it again so I thought I would put some of my old pictures up to motivate me. Will definitely be putting up more over the next week and start taking some new ones.

This is quite a long tunnel with a cycle path going from Bath to Bristol. I found it quite creepy and would only walk through it if I had company.
Bath Christmas market. This was for sale in one of the Christmas stalls. Bath market consists of many little huts, it is so cute.
Bath Christmas market. A very sinister looking Santa Claus.
Bristol on the Clifton Suspension bridge.


Pictures below are ones I took when I first got my camera. Harrie is a very good friend of mine and agreed to be my model when I first got my camera. These pictures were taken in Victoria Park, Bath. Dev is my partner, Emmett is my brother. These pictures were taken in Saddleworth Moors, West Yorkshire.

413804_10150730066333808_1789896233_o - Copy

Myself and my partner were messing around at home taking pictures and we created these.



4 thoughts on “My Photography

  1. Photography is a huge part of my life but having a kid really set that back, understandably when you have others to care for. Plus now stuck in winter. Looking forward to seeing your journey.

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