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But you’re a woman….and a mother.


This is true I am a woman and I am a mother. I’ve had this condition for quite a while now. I’ve been a woman for nearly 44 years and a mother for nearly 2. I’ve been to the doctors and there is nothing that can be done. I’ve described all the symptoms of being a woman and a mother and I definitely have it. I even googled my symptoms and it came up with the same diagnosis as the doctor, woman and mother. I’ve spoken to other woman and also mothers and they appear to exhibit similar symptoms. While speaking with the doctor I explained that I cleaned, laundry, ironed, cook, shopped for groceries, raised a child, had a social life, wrote a blog, co-hosted a podcast, volunteer weekly, study for a masters and keep a relationship with my partner, but struggled to get work. The doctor explained that this is a common amongst woman with children. The official name for my diagnosis is multi-tasking. My name is Lorraine, I am a woman, mother and have multi-tasking, there I said it. What makes my condition worse is I do all this on evenings and weekends as my child likes constant attention all day. My multi-tasking is out of control and taking over my life.


As the session with the doctor continued I explained that my partner had no trouble getting work. I think I figured out what the actual issue is. He does not have multi-tasking. As I get discriminated against for my disease I begin to discuss symptoms my partner has displayed, symptoms also described by many other woman and mothers. My partner does not clean unless asked and monitored, he is unable to finish a cleaning task without getting distracted therefore the task is not completed. Despite the fact our child has been around for nearly 2 years he has yet to figure out that every nappy needs to be put in to a bin when used, not left lying around. He also does not cook, does not shop unless asked and given a specific list, he stays in and games which doesn’t involve any organising.

So as a woman and a mother I will continue to try and find a cure for my condition, a cure that would make me more like a man.  A cure would change woman kind, a change that would enable mothers to get back in to work. A world where nothing gets done in the house, the cupboards are bare, the masters is failed and the podcast goes unrecorded. Once I achieve all this, then and maybe then I will be able to prove to the workforce that I no longer have multi-tasking and secure myself a job.






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