While I focus on my blog being all things parenting, I also co-host a podcast with my friend Harrie (on here and does a travel blog, Tales of Peck, go check it out if ya like) and would be great for people to have a listen. We both really enjoy it.

The fourth episode of Show Me The Podcast is up and ready for all you film and TV buffs to have a listen. In episode 4 Harrie and Lorraine welcome 2018 in with a run down of their individual Top 5 Films so good you wish you could see them again for the first time! As usual their lists vary quite a bit but there’s also some surprising choices and revelations. They also discuss their recent film and tv watches, answer some listeners questions, and cover an 80s cult classic in the Flashback Film Club.

As always other episodes are available on soundcloud and iTunes. Don’t forget to leave a review, subscribe and give us 5 stars if the mood takes you and thanks for listening. You can also email us at showmethepodcast@gmail.com or follow us on instagram @showmethepodcast , twitter @smtpcast and facebook Show Me The Podcast.

We both also have our own thing going on. Harrie is at Twitter, Instagram and WordPress at “TalesofPeck”. Lorraine Twitter – lorrainesmyth74 and Instagram – lorrainesmyth74.

Enjoy listening!