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Terrible Two’s…But She’s Not Two!



Oh my god, how is this my child…it’s like invasion of the body snatchers. What has happened to my little girl, I didn’t sign up for this. One day you get this beautiful little baby in your arms, you can’t believe how much you love that child. The feeling you have will never go away, will it will always be as peaceful and calm as this moment, will it feck! I love my child but she is trying my patience to such an extreme I often think of putting her on eBay.  Apparently when they start playing up this is known as the terrible two’s. Now call me naïve but shouldn’t that actually start at the age of 2??? As her second birthday draws near, the innocent little girl is beginning to fade. Like Jeff Goldblum in The Fly you are slowly changing in to a monster.

So what makes you think your child is a monster…One thing really as it can happen anywhere, anytime and over absolutely nothing. Well you say nothing, but wouldn’t you go mental if your cup was moved two centimetres. So what is this huge change…….



The god awful, I’m going to run away with the circus…..TANTRUMS!! Yes we have arrived at the dreaded tantrums, not the ones I thought she had a few months ago, these are now at DEFCON 1. If she doesn’t get her own way she has a complete meltdown. First it starts off with leading you to what she wants; this does not mean she necessarily gets what she wants. The hand goes up in the direction of whatever it is she desires. The main culprit at the moment seems to be the petite fellow. She doesn’t want to eat it, she just wants to hold it, and they have Paw Patrol on them. Why buy Paw Patrol I hear you ask??? When in the supermarket she spots Paw Patrol like a black widow spotting its prey, when she sees it she has to have it. As a mum I find myself more and more just trying to avoid a showdown, she never backs down. When we get home she has to have them all, she knows where they are and leads me to the fridge until she has every one of them. How does she know how many I have…she just does.

I give in for some peace, the little minx knows what she is doing.



I tried to take the yoghurts away.


It is just getting worse and worse, even in the house. Another one of the main issues is the light switch, if she wants to press that button then you better be ready to let her turn it on and then off, then on, then off, then get the picture. There are multiple scenes every day where she is happy one minute and screaming and crying the next, for no reason that I can tell. She screams at the top of her lungs and then lies down on her stomach, full blown tantrum mode. I do try and console her, she screams even louder and pushes me away so all I can do is sit and wait it out while slowly dying inside. As the tantrums continue in public I am going to change the way I try and cover it up. As parents we try and make excuses for why our child is acting up and screaming the place down.

They didn’t sleep well last night.

They are hungry.

They didn’t get to nap today.

They are teething.

I didn’t press play quick enough on the remote.

The usual excuses we make so we don’t look bad, we aren’t bad parents my child is just not themselves today. Let’s be honest and call it what it is, I think this will be my go to response:

‘Take no notice of her; she’s just being a dick’







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