Show Me The Podcast – Episode 5 – Top 5 Films That Make You Cry.




In episode 5 Harrie and Lorraine give you a run down of their individual Top 5 Films that make them cry! As usual their lists vary quite a bit but there’s also some surprising choices and revelations. Again in this episode Harrie and Lorraine agree again on one film, The Green Mile. Harrie goes on to discuss Babe, Saving Private Ryan, The Fox and the Hound and City of Angels. Lorraine talks about Hachi, The Bridges of Madison County, District 9 and E.T. They also discuss their recent film and TV watches, what they want to watch next and cover a listener’s request in the Flashback Film Club, this week it’s all The Burbs.

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We both also have our own thing going on. Harrie is at Twitter, Instagram and WordPress at “TalesofPeck”. Lorraine is at Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest – “mumswhowingit”.

Enjoy listening!




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