West Yorkshire Photography

I spent 5 years living in the lovely village of Slaithwaite in West Yorkshire. I spent many days walking through the forest and the moors capturing its beauty. West Yorkshire is a spectacular place to visit, for its quaint little villages, cobbled roads and landscape views. A perfect place for the keen photographer.

Below are pictures of the old textile mill in the village of Slaithwaite, long closed for business.

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Below are pictures of Saddleworth Moors that would span over many miles. Here is the perfect spot for landscape shots. Also, unfortunately the Moors hold many dark secrets that have never been revealed. I spent many days up on the Moors exploring and capturing its beauty. Whether the sun is shining or the clouds are grey it is perfect for a hike.

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Behind my home was the perfect little forest for dog walks and a place for the local children to play. This lead up in to fields that lasted for miles. It was very peaceful and a great place to clear your mind before heading back to the hustle and bussel of the surrounding cities.




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