Sunday Family Fun Day


Sunday March 25th finally felt like spring had decided to fulfil its seasonal duties. Winter had overstayed its welcome and was refusing to leave, but spring had now won the fight! As a result and what was clearly the thinking of many other people, we decided to take full advantage and head off to the glorious location of Westonbirt.  As we approached the car park it was packed. Be that the case, when walking the grounds you would barely spot another soul. Westonbirt is a beautiful village in the county of Gloucestershire and the home of Westonbirt, The National Arboretum. Within the walls as the name suggests you will find a stunning collection of trees of all colours, shapes and sizes. The perfect spot for any budding artist or photographer. We even spotted a gentleman sat on his stool, paintbrush in hand creating a masterpiece.

IMG-4844IMG-4845IMG-4880IMG-4884 (1)IMG-4949IMG-4950


This location is perfect to bring children or dogs as they can run free without fear of traffic, although if your dog is a flight risk keep them on a lead, big space. Your children on the other hand, well let’s just say if you let them run free keep your eyes on them and be prepared to run. There are so many places to hide, it is a toddlers dream. Overall this is a great spot for a family day out. With a lovely walk amongst the trees, watching our little girl run freely with the speed of a cheetah, smiling and giggling, you smile along as you know she is going to definitely sleep tonight. Westonbirt is a place you could spend the whole day, you could bring a picnic or if you want a day off from preparing meals then visit the cafe. The food is reasonable, can be pricey but sometimes its worth it to have a day off.




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