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Show Me The Podcast – Episode 6

Tim Burton


In episode 6 Harrie and Lorraine discuss the auteur that is Tim Burton. They both picked two films from the quirky director.


Tim Burton was born Timothy Walter Burton in Burbank California, August 25th 1958 to parents Bill and Jean Burton.  Burton attended Burbank High School, his interests at school were more towards painting, drawing and watching movies. The earliest film that apparently may be available was made at the age of 13, The Island of Doctor Agnor. Burton grew up engrossed in the classic horror films of Roger Corman, many of Cormans films featured Vincent Price who Burton coincidentally used for in Edward Scissorhands, plus also narrated Burtons short titled Vincent. Burton graduated California Institute of Arts in 1979 and became an apprentice animator for Walt Disney Studios. While at University he made films such as ‘Stalk of the Celery Monster’ and ‘King and Octopus’.

Tim Burton is known for many films that possess a certain kind of theme unlike that of any other. It is quite easy to tell a Tim Burton film, he has a very distinct style when directing. His films are quite dark with a Gothic theme throughout. He tends to lead towards the outsider and demonstrate a world where people fear the different in films such as Ed Wood, Edward Scissorhands and Corpse Bride. He gives the view of the outsider and teaches the viewer about being different and what that actually means. A common factor within a Burton film is his ability to make the audience connect with the main character, the outsider, with his use of close up shots. He enables the audience through these shots to gain an emotional connection. There is also a common cinematic technique used by Burton with his use of non diegetic music. Also with the use of contrasted lighting it further enhances the gothic theme portrayed throughout.

As usual the episode also lets the listeners know what they have seen and what they would like or intend to watch. This week co host Harrie hi-jacks the flashback film club and takes a trip to the sea….that’s right we are going all things Jaws!!

There will be a bonus episode, the girls thought it would be a good idea to take a break before recording the flashback film club. As it was St. Patricks Day they decided to pop into the town for a drink or ten and then record after, they thought that would be a good idea. Needless to say when they listened to it the next day they realised they were wrong and re-recorded. They are gonna release that for your entertainment.



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Enjoy listening!


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