Not So Fat Anymore, Well Maybe a Little!



It has been an interesting two years from when I looked in the mirror and wondered why the baby weight wasn’t coming off naturally. I’m one of those unfortunate people who puts on weight by walking in to a supermarket. One day back in June 2016 I was still eating like I had in my last three months of pregnancy, I deserved it right, I had just had a baby….NO!!! PUT DOWN THE CHOCOLATE BARSSSSSSSSS!!

Image result for chow down wideload

My brother called me this for years!

I always did my best in pictures to make sure there was as little of me in the picture as possible, which is pretty hard when your mates are tineeee tiny and you are a whale, but I had it down to an art….well most of the time. I would make excuses not to go out, I missed a work Christmas do (sorry DWF), I just never wanted anyone to look at me. The thing about when you are overweight, well for me anyway, I always believed no one would look at me, I was invisible. When I started to lose the weight and people would comment I actually hated the attention. Whether their intention or not, the look on their faces would suggest that you were that big before, this may be the case but you don’t need the face to go with it. I don’t think some people fully understand how hard it is to lose weight, to think about ever single piece of food you eat. I could put on a stone in a month without even thinking about, easy, not a problem! 2 stone if I put some effort in to it.  I know people who eat nothing but rubbish, never exercise and are a size 8. Am I healthier than them, hell yes, but as a society we always look at the smaller person as the picture of health…WRONG!! So now that I have had my ‘it’s not fair’ whinge it is time to suck it up and realise that I will always be someone who will have to watch what I eat…. every single meal, not day…MEAL!!


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So what does one do to lose weight!!!

The main thing I did was change my mindset, I thought to myself for the past 30 ish years I’ve been dieting and nothing works. I tried every fad thing going, I even used to put cling film around me and sleep in it to sweat it out…lol!!! I stopped thinking of it as dieting but a way to live, not about how I looked but how I felt. When I eat crap I feel crap so don’t eat crap (most of the time). I’m not saying it was easy but after about a while it started to sink it and the weight came off too.  I used the guidelines of Slimming World, not 100% but just as a start and then just changed my ways to healthier meals. I still drank alcohol, I still had cake, chocolate but a reasonable amount. Before Riley I was never one for stuffing my face but it just wouldn’t shift.

So here they are, the top 10 tips that worked for me:

  1. Didn’t think of it as a diet.
  2. A bad day didn’t have to turn in to a bad week or stop altogether.
  3. Stopped focusing on weight loss but how I felt.
  4. Remember how you felt when you had a success such as clothes fitting better.
  5. Realise that non scale victories are important.
  6. Don’t focus on the number.
  7. Water, Water and more Water!!!
  8. Stop comparing myself to others.
  9. What works for other might not work for me.
  10. No fad diets…Quick fixes don’t work or last.

Here are some tasty foods that I have been eating for the summer months!

I love yoghurt and mainly use alpro dairy free yoghurts where you can add fruit, granola, honey, cinnamon and many more amazing flavours to make the perfect fresh, healthy summer meal.

A simple meal ideal for lunch or breakfast.

Sourdough bread toasted

Cherry Tomatoes







How do I look today! Still a few ton to go but getting there.



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