Do we allow our toddlers to use an iPad!



Judgemental parents assemble!!! Yes it’s the good ole new fashioned debate over whether or not you should allow your child to use an iPad, I don’t have an iPad, mines a tablet. This particular topic can bring extremely critical views from other parents, why do parents feel the need to criticize so badly when they should understand more than anyone the struggles of having a child…oh I feel that topic may need a post all on its own. It would probably need a three parter, we’ve all met them, you’re thinking of one right now aren’t ya!  Should parents feel guilty about allowing their children to use electronic devises, mainly the iPad?  I like many parents to be had such great ideas of how I would raise my child and frowned upon the parents who laughed at my naivety. There was no way my child would be using an iPad for many many years. Like most of my plans, that soon went out the window when I needed five minutes peace. The shocking thing is not her endless love of being on it but her use of it. How can someone so young be so tech savvy already? I guess I can’t be surprised of her love for this shiny new toy with its moving screen, lights, bells and endless screens to touch and explore.

The shame of my child using the iPad comes in to full swing when I hear her begging for eggs. When I say eggs I don’t mean the food, I wish! I mean ‘children’s egg videos’, this is how she demands the iPad ‘I want eggs’!  Like many parents I do try and limit her time but I sometimes ask myself, do I want to deal with a tantrum right now, sometimes no. As result of this, she wins and realises if she scream enough she’ll get to keep playing. So what to do when you realise your child is fully becoming her dad when it comes to the ever so enticing bright shiny screen.  Well I haven’t had any luck in getting my husband to calm down on his gaming life so what chance do I have with a stubborn toddler.

Let’s look at the other side, we now live in an age where technology is moving so fast we can barely keep up. You just purchased the latest iPhone and a new model is out. To be honest if had my way I’d insist they slow it down a bit. Alas I do not have that much power in the world so I guess like everyone else I just need to try and keep up. While I believe I may let my child on the iPad a bit too much to get things done or grab a few minutes, I believe this move is sometimes essential for my insanity.  Also with technology being such an important factor within the world I don’t want my child to be left behind. Having said that I am aware she isn’t even 3 yet, but the use of a tablet is just another example of how we as parents do what we have to, to get by, to last the day, to stay out of jail!





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