Hello, I’m in my forties and a first and last time mum, known as Lorraine. I have a little girl, Riley, who is a complete pistol. I live in Bath with my Riley, my partner Dev and our old man dog Richard. While I am from the area I have moved around a bit. Lived in various parts of England, grew up in Ireland, worked in Guernsey and also America. Finally settled in the south west to raise our child, my hobo days are over, for now, that is until she buggers off and we can travel as oldies :).

I have a degree in film, but as Wes Craven didn’t come knocking at my door, I am doing a masters in Criminology and Criminal Psychology. There may be some talk about the crime channel, I have a slight addiction.

Also love film and TV so it only made sense to start a podcast on the subject. I co produce and co-host a Film/TV Podcast called  Show Me The Podcast with my uni buddy Harrie (she has a travel blog on here called Tales of Peck)  You can find us on Soundcloud and iTunes. You may also follow us on Instagram and Facebook as Show Me The Podcast and Twitter @smtpcast .

Life at the moment is a full time mum, huge adjustment. Love her though and love it (at times).