To all the superhero mums out there!

  At this moment in time I probably shouldn’t be writing this, I mean it’s been 3 days of no sleep and 2 ½ years of interrupted sleep. At around 4 am I am watching Paw Patrol, the only thing that would stop my toddler from crying, I think to myself….how the f*&k did I … Continue reading To all the superhero mums out there!


Do we allow our toddlers to use an iPad!

  Judgemental parents assemble!!! Yes it’s the good ole new fashioned debate over whether or not you should allow your child to use an iPad, I don’t have an iPad, mines a tablet. This particular topic can bring extremely critical views from other parents, why do parents feel the need to criticize so badly when … Continue reading Do we allow our toddlers to use an iPad!

Educational fun things to do with your child!

As I have mentioned before in a previous post I think it is important for your toddler to have fun while learning. As she is now 2 1\2 her skills are improving everyday. Luckily I found this great educational, but fun site (link below) that is helping me teach my growing little girl many new … Continue reading Educational fun things to do with your child!

Educational, but fun!

I find when choosing what games to play with my child I want them to be fun, but also educational.  I myself have found this site a great place to make learning fun for my 2 year old. So for all you parents out there, go check out this amazing site (Link below) for some … Continue reading Educational, but fun!

Sunday Family Fun Day

Sunday March 25th finally felt like spring had decided to fulfil its seasonal duties. Winter had overstayed its welcome and was refusing to leave, but spring had now won the fight! As a result and what was clearly the thinking of many other people, we decided to take full advantage and head off to the … Continue reading Sunday Family Fun Day

Terrible Two’s…But She’s Not Two!

  Oh my god, how is this my child…it’s like invasion of the body snatchers. What has happened to my little girl, I didn’t sign up for this. One day you get this beautiful little baby in your arms, you can’t believe how much you love that child. The feeling you have will never go … Continue reading Terrible Two’s…But She’s Not Two!

Beginners Guide to Dadding

      I feel like the books are typically aimed at women, where everything is “magical” or “glowing”. Having watched Lorraine go through pregnancy and childbirth, I can tell you the woman’s side of things is anything but. The prospective dad’s role is generally to quietly support from the background in most of these … Continue reading Beginners Guide to Dadding