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Show Me The Podcast Episode 3


Episode 3 is where the team discuss all things Stranger Things. We are two ex film students who have created a film and TV podcast for some #thoughtfulfilmchat. Stranger Things now has 2 seasons available on Netflix. It is definitely a show you will binge. It is about a group of boys, very Stand by Me who go in search of their missing friend with the help of a girl with powers called Eleven. If you are in to films such as ET, Close Encounters of a Third Kind, The Goonies and Aliens among many more then this is the show for you. This episode does give away spoilers so if you have not seen Stranger Things yet, go watch and come back to Show Me The Podcast. As always our episode ends with our Flashback Film Club, film for this episodes club is Home Alone, who doesn’t love that film.

As always other episodes are available on soundcloud and iTunes. Don’t forget to leave a review and thanks for listening. You can also email us at or follow us on instagram @showmethepodcast , twitter @smtpcast and facebook Show Me The Podcast.

We both also have our own thing going on. Harrie is at Twitter, Instagram and WordPress at “TalesofPeck”. Lorraine Twitter – lorrainesmyth74 and Instagram – lorrainesmyth74.

Episode Two – Show Me The Podcast

Episode 2

Episode two of Show Me the Podcast will be available on iTunes and Soundcloud on December 4th. This episode discusses new Marvel release Thor Ragnarok staring Chris Hemsworth as Thor. If you want to know a bit about what kind of films your co host likes then listen to episode one, which is available on iTunes and Souncloud. Episode two also has a new section, a Flashback Film Club, where the listeners can chose a film, director, actor etc to be discussed.

To hear our podcasts on either iTunes or Soundcloud look for Show Me The Podcast. You can also email us at or follow us on instagram @showmethepodcast , twitter @smtpcast and facebook Show Me The Podcast.


Episode One –  Show Me the Podcast


So we have finally done it, myself and my buddy Harrie have completed our first film podcast. Episode 1 is up and running and ready for you all to have a listen. We both are lovers of podcasts as they can be listened to on the commute, making dinner, cleaning the house or just sitting down to chill with a cup of tea or a glass of wine. We are really pleased with how the first episode went and have had great feedback.

We decided in our first podcast to discuss our top five films so our listeners could get a feel for what we are in to, we are both very different. This is what makes it interesting, we both have very different things to say. We’ve known each other for ten years and get on extremely well, and this hopefully comes across in the podcast making it more natural and just easy to follow. Hopefully our love of film shines through.

Top five films discussed so you can have a listen:


You’ve Got Mail

Road to Perdition

Jeremiah Johnson


Baby Driver


The Wizard of Oz

All About Eve


The Shining

The Silence of the Lambs

So go ahead and click the link below for some thoughtful film chat and feel free to comment or make a request for a film or TV topic. You can also visit us on Twitter @smtpcast , Instagram @showmethepodcast , Facebook Show Me The Podcast or email us at

Show Me The Podcast



Due to my love of film my friend Harry and myself have decided to start up a film podcast. We met at university and both studied film, we intended to do something film related but the years just went by and nothing happened, until now.



We will be discussing all things film and open to any suggestions on topics that people would like to hear. It will be a fun and relaxed podcast, we are not academics in the field and we are not sure what we actually remember, lets find out. So would be great for everyone to have a listen once it is released, early November 2017. We are going to have guest speakers, mainly people we know, to fill in the gaps on topics that we may not be familiar with, namely anything gaming related.

You can follow us on facebook under Show Me The Podcast, instagram @showmethepodcast, twitter @smtpcast and you can email us with topic ideas on

Tune in and enjoy 🙂

The Children’s Programme


When becoming a parent or any form of child minder you unfortunately get introduced to children’s TV. Now I believe this is entirely my own fault. When pregnant, we were full of ideas about how we would raise our child, that all changed once she came along. When Riley came along, for the first ten months she was a delight, slept through the night, never really cried, just sat there happy in herself. When that changed I found myself trying find a way to get myself a few minutes peace…enter the television. Now I swore Peppa Pig would never enter our home, other parents laughed at my ignorance while I stood firm in my belief that this would never rear its ugly head on our TV. As Riley continued to become more of a handful and I needed five minutes peace, I thought, why not, just an episode I said, just one I said….yeah that didn’t quite go to plan. Now she bloody loves that psycho pig. Seriously, now this next part actually shows what a bad parent I am, but also shows what I will do for a bit of peace and be able to make the dinner. I let her watch it, despite the fact that Peppa is nothing but a little bitch, she’s so horrible. With a statement from her such as ‘you are not going to be any good because I can’t do it’…when she hangs up on her friend because she can whistle and Peppa can’t…when she wins bike races that she blatantly didn’t, she just decides when the end is. All she does is demonstrate how to be a little spoilt piggy. I keep saying that I’ll stop letting her watch it, but not yet, things need to be done in the house.

The worst thing about all of this, you find yourself then becoming interested in the stories. Dev became excited because he managed to do the woof tweet song in one go. An episode would come on that you hadn’t seen before and you would be happy to watch it, something new, I’d hear Dev utter the words, ‘oooh I haven’t seen this one’ and then take his time to leave the house to see what happens.  I’ve tried to play Disney and Pixar, but she isn’t interested yet. One day she will be, that will be a good day

American Horror Story


It is that time of year again where I have to psych myself up to watch AHS. I do love it, but oh my word is it scary. My pregnant friend watched the first episode and won’t be watching anymore until after the baby is born, wtf! I’ve watched them from the start, Haunted House, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, Hotel, Roanoke and now Cult has now graced us with its presence. When I say I’ve watched them all, I skipped Hotel. When a man with a spiky strap on appears and does all sorts to some unsuspecting guest, you turn that shit right off. Although I am surprised I didn’t watch it, mainly due to the fact it is loosely based on the real life hotel built by H.H. Holmes in 1893, in Chicago. The actual hotel was used mainly for the purpose to commit torture and murder. Anyone who knows me knows I do love my true crime.  Maybe I’ll give it another go, during the day, with the sun shining and a bat by my side.

So Haunted House for me was the mildest. While that may suggest it is easy watching and at no time will you be hiding behind the couch, I most definitely did hide away at some points. My favourite is Asylum. I was discussing this season with a friend who has anxiety issues and does not like to watch films or TV set in an Asylum, but wants to give AHS a go. I have strongly advised she gives Asylum a miss, it is so messed up, the experiments of the patients is frightening, but unfortunately probably quite accurate in some aspects when we think of asylums all those years ago. I do have a soft spot for Coven. When Stevie Nicks came bursting through the door I almost peed myself with excitement. I do love her. Freak Show I did enjoy, you fall in love with the ‘freaks’, although this one did reinforce how creepy clowns really are…enter Twisty. The scenes with Twisty are not for the faint hearted. One of my favourite scenes though is when Jessica Lange performs David Bowies, Life on Mars, she does it justice. With Roanoke, this for me brings me back to the original Amityville Horror, but waaaaay gorier. The land is definitely possessed by some very angry ghosts.  I did enjoy this one, but it is extremely scary. There is also the element of horror films such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hills Have Eyes and Wrong Turn, makes ya think twice about travelling around those back roads in the States, although Rob Zombie’s House of a 1000 Corpses saw to that.

So I have watched the first episode of AHS Cult and sticking to true Ryan Murphy form, it is fooked up. What is it with this guy and clowns, not only does Twisty show his beautiful messed up head, but there is also a new bunch of clowns terrorising the town. This season is based on the recent American Presidential campaign, even using footage from both Trump and Clinton. The film hints at a reference to The Shining, while definitely showing an influence from A Clockwork Orange, a film I seriously struggled to watch. This episode did demonstrate a huge parallel between the way people did actually react and behave during and after the election.  This is shown in the reaction to when Trump was named president (cue to people having a meltdown), even his excessive use of Twitter gets a mention, and then to the racial abuse towards those who are not white American. I don’t want to give too much away so won’t go into detail. While Cult does stay true to the Ryan Murphy formula, it is more realistic horror. The other seasons portrayed an existence that we would tend to not be familiar with, especially the supernatural setting of Haunted House and Roanoke.  With Cult you really do experience the horror of the reality that is Trump. While we may not be experiencing a flock of clowns killing Clinton supporters, there is definitely a huge element of division and fear within the episode.  So from the bizarre clown sex scenes and the excessive use of knives, this one is going to scares the hell out of me, still going to watch it though. Oh and P.S….Evan Peters is so good in it and also Billie Lourd joins the cast and so far, impressive.

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